27th Meeting on Image Recognition and Understanding (MIRU2024)

MIRU2024 @ Kumamoto
August 6-9, 2024

The “Meeting on Image Recognition and Understanding”, short “MIRU”, is the largest Japanese annual symposium on image recognition and understanding. Unrelated of whether you are at a university, private company, or just interested in top-notch research of this field; this is the place for meeting, collaborating, and socializing with researchers and professionals.


  • 2024.02.15: The call for evaluators for both Senior and Junior evaluators has been posted. Self-recommendations are welcome. The deadline is 2024/2/22.
  • 2024.02.14: The call for sponsors has been posted. The deadline is 2024/5/31.
  • 2024.02.07: The program policy, award selection criteria and submission guidelines are posted.
  • 2023.07.20: MIRU2024 website is online.


  • August 6-9, 2024


Organizing commitee

  • General chair: Kunio Kashino (NTT), Masayuki Tanaka (TITech)
  • Program chair: Takuya Funatomi (NAIST), Takayoshi Yamashita (Chubu Univ.)
  • Program co-chair: Yuki Fujimura (NAIST)
  • Executive chair: Go Irie (Tokyo Univ. of Science), Takashi Shibata (NEC)
  • Executive co-chair: Satoshi Ikehata (NII), Yuta Asano (NII)
  • Organization chair: Ken Tsutsuguchi (Sojo Univ.)
  • Organization co-chair: Takumi Uemura (Sojo Univ.)
  • Finance chair: Kei Shimonishi (Kyoto Univ.)
  • Publicity chair: Yusuke Matsui (Univ. of Tokyo)
  • Publication chair: Kensho Hara (AIST)
  • Tutorial chair: Nakamasa Inoue (TITech)
  • Interactive session and demo chair: Yasutomo Kawanishi (RIKEN)
  • Young researcher program chair: Naoya Chiba (Tohoku Univ.)
  • Corporate relation chair: Kota Yamaguchi (CyberAgent)
  • Diversity and work-life balance chair: Asako Kanezaki (TITech), Marc A. Kastner (Kyoto Univ.)
  • Mentorship chair: Hirokatsu Kataoka (AIST)
  • Mentorship co-chair: Takuma Yagi (AIST)

Affiliated organizations

  • Main: Technical Committee on Pattern Recognition and Media Understanding, Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
  • Sub: The Special Interest Group on Computer Vision and Image Media, Information Processing Society of Japan
  • Cooperated Affiliations
    • Technical Committee on Information-Based Induction Sciences and Machine Learning, Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
    • Technical Committee on Media Experience and Virtual Environment, Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
    • The Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Visual Informatics, Information Processing Society of Japan
    • Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers
    • Symposium on Sensing via Image Information
    • The Virtual Reality Society of Japan
    • The Association for Natural Language Processing
    • The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence
    • The Acoustical Society of Japan
    • The Robotics Society of Japan
    • Technical Committee on Innovative Industrial System, IEEJ Industry Applications Society
    • Technical Committee on Industrial Application of Image Processing, Japan Society for Precision Engineering
    • Technical Committee on Pattern Measurement, The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers


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